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Cervical Denneroll

Cervical Denneroll

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Denneroll spinal remodelling devices are based on the Chiropractic BioPhysics® techniques and evidence-based, sagittal plane curve models. Denneroll has designs engineered to focus on optimizing the cervical, thoracic and lumbar curves of the spine. Denneroll devices correct improper spinal curvature and enhance the ability to care for conditions such as a decrease in the neck proper curvature, anterior head carriage (text neck), increase in thoracic kyphosis (dowager’s hump) and a decrease in lumbar lordosis (flat butt syndrome—yes it is a thing).

If your posture and x-ray findings reveal that you would benefit from Denneroll spinal remodelling, a tailored home program can be put together for your specific postural correction needs. Unlike orthodontists who can put braces on the teeth and send you home as the correction is done by the braces, chiropractic can correct postural distortions with chiropractic adjustments and by the pressure over time of the Denneroll corrective devices on the spine. These devices are supported by many randomized clinical trials and have the ideal balance of firmness and flexibility and are easy and comfortable to use. (5)

Each shape of the Denneroll (cervical, thoracic and lumbar) has a Denneroll peak/fulcrum and provides stability and effectiveness for each individual spinal region. The localized effects from the Denneroll fulcrum design combine with each shape to allow it to target all areas of the spine.

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